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Auto Double Surface Planner - EL Series


Auto Double Surface Planner - EL Series EL-400/610


Centralized Control Panel with Digital Cutterhead Positioner

Conveniently located at the front of infeed bed. Amperage meters are standard for top & bottom cutterhead motor as well as feed motor. Amp meters for the cutterheads allow an important reference when surfacing at higher speeds with heavy stock removal. The digital positioner employs a ballscrew/encoder design provides positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm accuracy.

03 Spike Conveyor for Highly Calibrated Thickness and Constant Feeding

By allowing the spike/fingers to float as much as up and down 19mm, the ultimate design in limber straightening is employed. With flat bottom surface to reference from, the top cutterhead work is guaranteed to be precisely calibrated and flat. The spikes also do an excellent job of feeding extremely rough and tapered lumber.

Industrial Pulley & Drive Belt Design

All EXTEND LIGHT Industrial Double Surface cutterheads are driven by dynamically balanced pulleys and tooth style drive belts ensuring maximum power transmission and zero vibration. The 610 series calls for up to(6)“V”belts on top and (^) on bottom cutterheads. The 820/1000 series employs 8 belt to each cutterhead.

Controls Cabinet

All electrical controls are neatly positioned in a remote dust proof cabinet. EXTEND LIGHT employs highest technology available in all electrical components. All components are UL approved for U.S installations. Y Delta start up allows soft start of all cutterhead and feed motors.

Cast Table with Heavy Chrome Plating

All EXTEND LIGHT surfacer beds are constructed of the highest grades of cast iron, heat treated, precision ground, then heavily chromed and polished. We guarantee the heaviest chrome plating of any importer. Heavy chrome plating provides incredible wear and friction free flow of materials and low wear.

Design Guidance

Cutterhead carriage allows access to bottom cutterhead in 1-2 minutes. Quick access facilitates knife changing and quick change of damaged knives. Also allows bottom cutterhead bearings to be replaced in minutes.

High Capacity Dust Chutes

The machine is equipped with one 6” dust chutes to provide maximum dust and chip removal, keeping the machine and the working environment cleaner and safer.

Design Guidance

  • Rugged cast iron ad plate steel fabrication provide long term dependability and low maintenance.

  • Infeed conveyor/carpet(spiked) allow precision jointing accuracy especially on warped or twisted lumber.

  • Computerized top cutterhead positioner is accurate ±0.1mm ensuring quick and accurate setup.

  • Cutterhead tooling technology guarantees low noise, reduced power requirements, minimal operations cost, and repetitive finish on the most difficult hardwoods.

  • Feed speeds up to 6-20M/min. allow the EXTEND LIGHT double surfacer to meet high production demands.

  • Increased horsepower series surfacers provide greater capacity for stock removal while keeping finish at optimum levels.

  • Cutterheads are of solid steel construction, dynamically balanced and mated with precision pulleys.

  • Cutterheads are supported by “NSK” class 7 precision ball bearings and precision housings.

  • Chromed bed is standard on all EXTEND LIGHT double surfacers yielding optimum wear.

  • New guards and skirts provide comprehensive operator safety.

Machine Description

Machine Specifications

  • All specifications, dimensions and design shown in website are subject to change without notice.

  • Please refer in specifications in quotation.


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